What is a Custom Home?

A custom home is uniquely designed for the home buyer with plans drawn up by an architect or professional home designer. new-home-builder-dallas-blueprintMost custom homes are designed and built on land that that is owned prior to construction.  Custom home builders tend to favor building high end homes in small volumes rather than focusing on the quantity of homes built.

The alternative to custom home building is production home building. With production home building, the land is usually owned prior to construction.  These homes are usually selected from a choice of floor plans with customization primarily found in upgrades and options such as appliances, flooring and countertop materials.

Speculative homes, also known as spec homes, are custom built homes where the builder owns the land prior to building, similar to production homes.  While the buyers may not be as involved in the design process, the homes are still generally high-end than production homes.

Why Choose a Custom Home?

According to Trulia, nearly twice as many Americans would prefer to buy a new home rather than an existing home.  While there were a variety of reasons stated, 63% buyers cited modern features as the main reason for wanting a new home and 63% wanted the option to customize the home before completing construction.

One area in new home building that is often overlooked is the difference between a production home that is customized and a true custom built home.  Selecting high end flooring, back splash, countertops and spindles on staircases can give production homes a custom home feel, as the buyer does have some contribution in the process; however, custom home building allows the buyer to customize every room, feature, and material for the home.

Features such as walk-in closets, eat-in kitchens, vaulted/cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors, and granite countertops are all deciding factors for many buyers.  While existing homes can be remodeled or even have an addition built, the original architecture of the home can be costly or impossible to alter.

Energy Star Built HomesAdditionally, home buyers look for green features such as Energy Star-rated appliances (94%), Energy Star-rating for the whole home (91%), and Energy Star-rated windows (89%).  This is understandable considering that new homes built to current standard are more than 30% more energy efficient than older homes.

When a home buyer chooses the have a custom home built, they are able to ensure that every feature, room, and option they want is included from the start.  Since the land is usually owned prior to building, the home buyer can find a unique lot that allows the home designer to incorporate natural elements of the land into the design making for exciting, truly one-of-a-kind homes.  Finely constructed custom built homes are perfect for the home buyers who will not compromise their dream house.

Our Award Winning Custom Homes

At Bailey Family Builders, we have worked with the custom homes since 1988, and we’re on the leading edge of modern, eco-friendly building and design.  In fact, we were awarded the NAHB Green Outstanding Contribution Award in 2011 for our dedication to furthering green building education. In 2010, ARC awarded us with the Best Green Built Home over $1 Million.

We are proud of our awards and even more proud of the feedback and testimonials we have received from our clients.  Our mission, to make the ordinary into extraordinary is attested to by everyone we work with ranging from architects praising our accuracy to their original design to families needing creative ways to stay within the project budget.

Please give us a call at 972-816-4955.  We’d love to speak with you about your project and help guide you in the process of owning your dream custom home.